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I played my first public shows at age 17, and 7 years later began teaching guitar, after completing an Honors program at Musicians Institute, Los Angeles CA.

In 2000, I developed, one of the very first websites to include multi-media and streaming video guitar lessons. Since 1989, I have given nearly 35,000 in person lessons, to over 2,000 different students. I have developed multiple approaches to help students of all levels learn to play, improve their current skills, learn new styles, or further their understanding of music theory, composition, improvising, recording techniques, and more.

I had given a few lessons via Skype in recent years, but over the last year I have had fantastic success with my students now all switched over to live video lessons, typically via Skype or Zoom. This offers a great opportunity for anyone living anywhere in the country, or the world, to connect with me for guitar lessons. And for people who may be nearby, but with unusual schedules, or just wanting to schedule a one off or two, to brush up on something specific, or have some questions answered.

If you are a player who knows you can get better, but aren't always sure you know what to do to get there, I'm your guy.

If you are a parent of a beginning player, of any age, I have had wonderful success with students as young as 5 or 6 years old, or teens improving for jazz band or worship group.

If you are an adult beginning player, I will 100% teach you to play!
Contact me for rates and more info!

Text (217)840-3402 / email Facebook Lou DiBello-Guitar